Seems I'm crying a lot today...

I just watched Maou again... The last episode

It made me cry -_-
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So tired.....

I can't believe it... I've already finished my first two weeks of uni!!

I've already lived here three weeks.. and I'm still not in my serious school mood yet! I'm such a serious procrastinator... Ahh!

I've got sooo much work piled up, yet after I got back from my geo fieldtrip, I spent all of yesterday watching the first season of Heroes! And I'm probably gonna end up finishing the second one today...

Man.. university is hard! Guess I just had to experience it myself to understand that... but my roommate's not like that! She's got sooo much free time because she's in social science... and me in my Science program... I'm seriously drowning in all this work!

I'd better start it.. I think I have a quiz or 2 this week... and OMFG midterms in less than 2 weeks!! University is hard...

At least I made friends... I was so worried that I'd come here and I wouldn't get to know anyone!

Ok, ok I need to work! And do laundry...!

Got it~!

Ahhh.. I finally got in at 8:50!

Stupid system... But I think I was able to get on because a lot of people are having problems getting on because they didn't complete their payment agreements or something...

I sat there for half an hour...refreshing.. until I finally got on.. and I was able to change one tutorial when I got kicked off because the time limit was up! Then after that I had to battle to get in again.. and I finally did!

♪Thank you, Arashi, for keeping me sane during this time♪

I just kept watching 'Truth' to pass the time!

Anyways, check out my schedule... I don't think it's great... but it's doable!

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First though, Truth PV is THE BEST ONE I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The darkness, the dance, their clothes, their hair, the orchestra, the set... EVERYTHING IS TOO GOOD!


I've been so addicted to it... watching it 20 times a day!

Anyways... Right now I'm waiting for my university's course selection thing to open... at 8 AM... and it's 7:47 AM.

I'm worried... because I know a lot of people will try to access it at the same time... and I really want to get in to change my stuff quickly! Looks like I have to have some 8:30 classes...

My timetable's not that bad though, honestly. First term isn't that bad! Since my chemistry course has a drop-in tutorial... I'm able to have a choice of which day and which time to attend!

Not so much for 2nd term though... Everything's really packed close together... >.< And I only have one.. possibly 2 spaces for my chemistry drop-in tutorial...

How did I miss that...? I guess I didn't think it was weird that I had only one lecture for each course every week... Haha!

Danm it... it's 8:10 AM right now... and the stupid thing isn't open yet!!! WHYYY?? And I woke up this early after I was up pretty late packing... I've been sitting here for the past hour... and refreshing the page every 5 secs for the past 10 mins...


I can't believe I have 4 more years of this crap system...


Yesterday, my mom and I went to this Chinese mall in a nearby city just to look around... and what did I see???

I found 'Arashi Around Asia in Dome' and 'ARASHI SUMMER TOUR 2007 FINAL Time'!!!!!!!!!!!!! *_*

Of course I immediately bought it!!

They're the Tiawanese versions I think... but who cares? It's the actual DVD!

I watched the dome concert one yesterday, and it was just too good!! Especially the MC! Hehe, the conbini and jun and aiba-chan in the morning was too funny!

And Takki and Tsubasa came too~~~!


Tonight is the Time Concert! <3

Hmm... also I'm incredibly getting addicted to Maou! And the korean 'Devil' drama too! I can't stop watching the korean one...! Every night it's like 5 episdoes! I'm so gonna finish in the next couple of days! And the guy playing the lawyer... he's so incredible! His expressions.. especially!

Not that Oh-chan isn't good! Of course he is! I get shivers sometimes when he becomes a maou!

Anyways, I'm really excited to see the "Truth" PV! The song is so unbelievably addictive! And they're DANCING! In the preview, it looked so dark... Get released already~!


Already half done July...

Now what?

Well, it's not too bad! I've finally finished my course selection for university...

Damn all those older students for filling up the Japanese course before first years got a chance... I guess another year of learning by myself~ *sigh*

Anyways, hopefully it turns out ok.. seeing as all I'm taking are science courses!

And I found out my residence too.. It's a double room in the substance-free one... wtf? I applied for the all-girls one and I got this...?

I hope it's spacious. Yesterday, I was watching Tantei Gakuen Q, and I was incredibly jealous of the dorms in ep 4/5... Those are the most beautiful dorms that I've ever seen! Hoping for something like this is impossible right?


Better start cleaning my room... I don't even know what stuff I have and what stuff I need to buy...

I think I'll go downtown one of these days... probably by myself, since Kiki's got a job... And since it's already the middle of july.. I don't think I can get a proper job since I'll have to leave it in 3 weeks when I go to India.

I want to go to that Finch store definitely... and those bead stores on Queen St... and those other random stores that I went to during my leadership program... and J-Town again... Need Johnny's magazines~!

Ah crap, it's 4:30! I need to get to the post office to mail my student ID form before they pick up the mail at 5! Damn it... why did I wake up so late again!?


Ahh... It got released today didn't it?

I really want to watch too~! (;_;)

A bunch of my mixi friends have seen it/ are going to see it... I'm soo jealous!! People are talking about seeing it 5-10 times!

I'll probably have to wait a couple more months to watch it here...

Ah I want to watch Kakushi Toride too~! It seems really interesting!

I'll do my best to distract myself while I'm waiting...!


On Thursday, I got my report card...

I feel a bit relived that I didn't go to see any of my exams.. I just took my report card and left! But I really felt like crying when I saw my report card!

Lol, happy tears, not sad ones! I was so scared before that I would lose my residence spot if my marks went down... so I studied my ass off for these exams!

Even though my marks in calculus went down, english and bio went up so the end result was good because my average went up! So now I won't lose my spot and I can happily enjoy the rest of the summer!

If the marks weren't enough, then I would have had to take summer school for calculus... which I honestly didn't want to do... I can't take any more of it... Well after that one course in university, I never want to think about it again!

So... what now?

Haha I definitely need to clean my room... For the past couple of months, I've been jumping around and tripping on who-knows-what-they-are... So to avoid this danger in the summer I should probably clean up! It looks worse than it would if a tornado hit it!

Then I need to start planning for university I guess... Like picking courses, filling out forms, and eventually packing stuff!

I might be going to LA again this year! I definitely want to go! Hehe, my second reason for going, after wanting to see my cousins, is to go to Little Tokyo and buy many kawaii things to decorate my dorm with!

And I'm going to India too! A full summer... We're leaving on Aug 14th and coming back on the 29th.. and I have to move in on the 30th! I wonder if it can work out... At least it's only Welcome Week... I'll probably be able to get rid of jet lag then!

Ah... I got tired of cleaning my room right now... I'm really getting a certain satisfaction from ripping all these calculus papers! XD

All done!

Wow... it's kind of a shock!

I'm not a high school student anymore! I can't believe it!

Lol, then what am I? I'm not a university student yet either!

I was really happy yesterday! The biology exam went suprisingly well~! Maybe I actually prepared really well!

Anyways, I was gonna take the bus home, but then Kiki called me and said to come over to her house! And since I had nothing better to do, I went!

One of our other friends was also coming but by bike! While we were waiting, I watched the Da Vinci Code and Kiki was filling out some applications!

Then once our friend came, we tortured her a little on the trampoline, and had a lot of fun for an hour or so!

We went back in and Kiki and our friend made some ramen while I shamelessly sat on the couch with Kiki's sister and read my Battle Royale book! It was really yummy!

Then we had a lot of fun with Kiki's webcam by filming music videos, horror movies and taking very random videos!

This will be very useful during those lonely university nights when we need to be cheered up!

I'm going to miss these times! But we'll be friends forever! That's for sure! :D